Hi guise.

So, to make a short story even shorter, I am now a working man and have been for a little over 2 months now. So, with my paychecks rollin on in, I want to buy an amplifier that will stick with me for quite some time and that I will be happy with. So, I will give the information that the stickies said are required of me, and I would love it if you guys could point me in the right direction:

Budget:Practical for me would be about $500, but my total limit is about(under I would hope!) $1000. I know this is quite a range, but I figure if there is something that will do exactly what I need that isn't ridiculously priced, why not snatch it up? And if I am not satisfied, then I can wait for some more cash money.

Genres: Well, my favorite guitarist's are probably considered pretty normal, but I did notice that they emphasize the cleans a little bit: Jimi Hendrix, SRV, John Frusciante, George Harrison. Even John Mayer's Blues-y stuff. But I also have some more hard rock-like guys too, I dig GnR, I absolutely love the Pixies, Wolfmother, Tom Petty, Pete Townshend, Thom Yorke, Johnny Greenwood.

New or Used: I have no preference, as long as it works, I don't care where it really comes from(as long as its not stolen!)

Home or Gig? It would be both, but I am for-sure gigging in the future, hands down. No where large or anything, and I'm sure there will be a PA that can be miked into if it were large, but I would still love to have some serious wattage if I can

Closest City: I live in Chicago.

Current Gear: I have 2 amplifiers, a VoxAD50, and a Crate Club 15 I got at a garage sale for $30. I love them both. On the Vox, I like to use the "UK70's" setting with pretty much everything(EQ, volume, gain) maxed out on the "manual" setting. It gives my strat that slightly overdriven bell-like tone and still colors my Les Pauls chords nicely. The crate is nice but sounds better with my LP for a decently overdriven sound. The bass is kind of loose-y on that amplifier.

I want to add in my own thoughts to see if they can help you guys help me out(which is awesome and I love the UG community for supporting musicians like me ):
I would like to have some decent headroom to play some stuff for the ladies, slow things down a bit perhaps, sing a meaningful lyric or two if you can get my drift.

But I would also like to be able to get some serious power and gain and crunch when im banging out chords on some hard rock cover too. Also, I absolutely LOVE when you hit a big fat (lets just say) E chord and it slowly fades to feedback and rings out forever and ever and just makes your ears ring and makes it feel like you have lightning in the palm of your hands. Thats the best.

I also tried out a Vox AC15 at my local GuitarCenter, and I had originally thought that this would be the amplifier for me, but i dont know why, it just didnt do it. It didnt seem to be loud enough, the cleans were a little too muddled and dry and the overdrive was pretty nice but sounded a little lack-luster to me.

OK so I probably have said too much. I will gladly check out ANY amplifiers that you guys reccomend, either in person soon( I might go to GC again tomorrow or the day after) or via the great youtubez. I greatly appreciate you guys helping me out!


Edit: I forgot to mention keith Richards. I can't forget him, I had to edit him in!
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Hot rod deluxe maybe. If you can find one. You know how to search, so search your own craigslist.
Look for any Fender tube amps.

EDIT: I felt like searching anyways
Fender Super 60- $325
Fender '68 Bassman - $650
Fender Twin Reverb Combo- $1000 (A little expensive)
Kustom '72 Coupe- $650 (Never heard a bad word about Kustom amps)
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Maybe look into:

Peavey Classic 30
Used Vox AC30
Egnator Tweaker
Used Crate V33 or V50
Used Epiphone Valve Sr.

Look into some Fenders like the Hot Rod Deluxe/Deville but you may find that you need a nice OD or boost pedal for the drive channel to really shine.
Bugera V55 I believe it's called, great amp, great QUALITY ( some people like to think bugera is shit, however I own several and I've never had a problem. ) However, if you more into high-end or top notch name brands. I hear the Egnater Rebel is a goddess in a box.
Keith? Fender. I'd also consider a used Mesa.
AC30 - if you can find one at your price point - they are out there. More clean headroom and a nice crunchy break-up once you dig into the strings a little harder.

Although I think the Brit 70s on the Valvetronics is based on a Marshall of some type. I do have notes at home somewhere on what the models are based on as I have the AD30VT.
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Maybe check out the Egnater Renegade. Also if you find one, I believe a Carvin XV112 would be perfect for you. The cleans rival any Fender Ive played IMO and the overdrive is very Marshalesque. It nails all the styles you mentioned. Add a tube screamer for more awesomeness. Only problem is they are a bit hard to find and I doubt you will be able to try it. Great new is, they go for $300-400 on ebay.
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Yeah I'd say any Fender tube amps are a win.
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I will try out a fender soon then, and ell you guys what I think about it.
Any way I can get a Head and Cab type? Maybe I will look for a bassman, those things have some serious firepower, right?
If not, I think the deville or deluxe models look pretty nice, and they go pretty frequently on the local craigslist, too.
Thanks for the help guys!
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Hi again-
I know I am rebooting an old dead thread, but I figure its better than just making a new one. To give an update, I am trying out a reissue fender blues deville soon. But- I have read different story's with different answers on the subject of the drive channel. I read in a couple reviews that it is solid state, and others that it is tube. So which is it? Why doesn't fender just spill their guts about it?

Also- The new fender hot rod deluxe III's sound pretty awesome to me. I know they have a different wiring than the old ones( they had that annoying volume problem where once you go past 4, the volume increase is negligible due to some sort of different "taper") But I played the HRD 3 with a Fulltone OCD in front of it with that awesome high overdrive sound with lots of sweet, sweet feedback(loved it). Maybe one of these is the better choice? This would also be a completely NEW amp for me, not a used one.

but also, maybe the best idea would be to get this blues deluxe, then maybe a nice OD? Then I would play the clean channel basically the whole time. Got any recommendations for a nice one of those? That OCD was awesome, but maybe there is something a little better suited to my tastes.
I would be extremely thankful if you guys could give me your thoughts on what I should do. This is going to be, after all, $500 for me, and thats quite a hefty sum!
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With Fenders, the older the better. Don't be mesmerised by the "new amp smell" thing, it kills mojo . Even if the newest HRD's are better than the ones from a few years ago they aren't going to hold a candle to a BF/Tweed. Fender peaked decades ago and after CBS bought them it was all downhill from there.
Have you looked at the used market? An old blackface Bassman (and perhaps throw a 12AX7 in V1) with an OD in front of it would be pretty sweet and will make a HRD look like an MG. Try this, it's the used amp lookup thing from 311's sig:
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