how do i get that clear thick sounding basstone you can find on rareform or their newer album. i have access to a; sans amp, a few bass amps, swr, ampeg, a bbe sonic max, an isp decimator, a boss ns2, all going through my firepod into cubase 5. the compressor i use is called classic compressor.

how to?

i also have a sennheiser 441u3 and 2 sm58s
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First, tune low as hell. I'm 90% sure I read somewhere on UM that the bass is a full octave below the 8 string guitars.

I'd go with grit from sansamp. Do the standard DI duplication. You're going to need to multiband comp the shit out of the clean DI to get the lows to sit right and not be all over the place. Rattle and articulations should come from mid boosts on the dirty DI.
For the record: you're really going after the Meshuggah bass tone. That's where they got that sound.
^yeah thats true, and the tuning i use is drop g# as opposed to F or whatever they use.

odirunn, your material sounds great btw, any tips on how to eq the sans? and any reccomendations on a good multiband comp/settings? i do have a multiband that came with cubase 5 although im sort of new to the world of compression.
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Threw together a little ATB cover to see if I could match the tone.
I don't have a real Sansamp so I ran my friends cheapo starter bass DI into pod farm and used the sans sim.

Bass chain: Bass > Compressor > Sans > EQ

-For multiband comp I scooped between 100-200, this is where most of my mud and boom/resonance was for the bass I used

-Sans: Cranked the drive, gain at 6, cranked trebble and bass at 7.

-EQ: High pass at 30hz, big cut at 62hz for the kick, scooped between 200hz and and 2khz, boost around 4.5khz for snarl and low passed at 6.2khz

Hope this helps!
wow very nice man, and yeah that helps a shitload, what kind of bass you use?
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Bass is an Austin AU759. I don't think they're made anymore, I only see them used for about $100. Just a P-Bass knockoff. I tuned the low E down to D# and played all the parts that are on the second string of the ATB part, then tuned it down to A# for the chug parts.

That's about as close as I could get. The sound on the CD sounds a bit more... hollow maybe. More high-mid range but without being honky. I think the bassist plays a 5 string with active pickups which is where most of the tone is coming from. But as long as you're got reasonably loose string tension, it shouldn't be too hard to get the rattle and EQ that to taste.
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