Alrighty guys, well one of my favourite bands since childhood, Jebediah has put up some competition online where each entrant has their own petition, and whoever gets the most digitial signatures gets a free concert from these guys.

So what do you have to do?

1. Click here
2. Enter your email. (Hell, you can do this as many times as you want with different emails since they don't send confirmation emails)
3. It does ask for a postcode, so put in 5118
4. Uncheck the 'sign up to mailing list' box, because you probably won't want that.
5. Receive great thanks from me

Seriously guys, this would be amazing if anyone who reads this could do this for me
Massive thanks will be given for everyone who takes their time to do this

Thanks again

For those who refuse to help unless they give the band a listen, here are a couple of songs.
Leaving Home
And their new single from this year; She's Like A Comet
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done :p
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Good luck man
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I demand a sexy picture posted in return for the many votes we are supplying you.

I'll give you all whatever you want
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since they dont send you a conformation email i did like 50

I frickin' love you
Thankyou so much
theoretically you could sign 500000000 times for yourself since they dont check if the email you put in is real and you could just make up fake ones