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U2-Where the streets have no name (1987)

I was a child but this song still beating my heart!!!!

"oh love, oh love, I'll go there with you"

There a re many artist and many songs. But my favourite one is Rihanna. She is very good Singer and I like her songs What's My Name. It's very popular song and I like her some other songs.
My favorite artist? Hmmm...
I guess it would have to be Paul McCartney since we are all talking about Pop music here... My favorite Pop song is Yesterday by The Beatles.
Quote by Flower King
Michael Jackson - Earth Song

You like that better than "Beat it" or "Black or White"?
I like to listen songs. my favourite artist is Joan Jett. There are many songs, Some of my favourite are given below :

- Keep The Faith
- I’m The Greatest
- Nobody
My favorite pop song is "Kiss Me" by Sixpence None The Richer. You listen to that song and tell me you're not in the mood for some fucking romance.