Play it safe, wait for the 6g.
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Play it safe, wait for the 6g.

Horrible advice

Wait for the 8g bro
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Horrible advice

Wait for the 8g bro

Shit advice.

Wait for the 26g man.
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what if after 10 they go to h? D:
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what if after 10 they go to h? D:

shit just got real!
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but seriously, i would wait for the g5. OR you can get a g4 really really cheap, then i would buy the g4.
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8) Profit!

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Just get some Dr. Pepper and a stripper and forget about iPods
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wait for the next one to be released, and right away go and grab a 4g. The price will probably have dropped significantly because they'll just want to get rid of them and the demand for a 4g device would be very low.
I'd say wait. You never know what they might have up their sleeves for the next one, and it has been a while since 4G came out.
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I'm waiting for the G5 to come out so I can score a G4 for cheapies.

I have a 3G right now but the glass over the screen is cracked in 10 thousand places.. It still works but it's extremely annoying.

3G and 4G is a reference to Generation? Or is it like 3G network?
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3G and 4G is a reference to Generation? Or is it like 3G network?

yeah, it means 3rd generation and 4th generation.
Get one of COWON players, they sound better. And you won't have to stick with itunes.
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4G was just released (fairly) recently. Buy it.

5G is being released soon though, within a couple of months.

I say don't buy any iPods.
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Can the new one do flash? If not who gives a crap.

surprisingly this. wait for a android mp3 player.

or better yet, just buy a Droid X used off someone with no contract. EVERYTHING works apart from calling.
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I predict that shortly before they release the 5g they will begin advertising the 6g that they are about to release.
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