I actually do like it! it's great! dreamy arpeggios on top of some industrial drums, feels like something that could've been from a Final fantasy game (nobuo uematsu is one of the best gamemusic writers ever). and the wah guitar solo is genius! feels as electronic as everything else.

It feels like being in a factory where something beautiful is made because of the industrial drums and the arpeggios that feels like raindrops. when the heavy riffs starts it feels like it even more, i kinda wanted it to end more abrupt though on the heavy riff. I say keep up the good work dude, and rock on!

I've listened to it like all evening, just thought you'd maybe want an update (as I like when people tell me my music is good )! It's frikkin genius! It could be the best thing on UG !
I like it mate, even though im from a metal background.

Just seemed abit like it was distorting, you might want to turn down the master on it, and that could make it clearer.
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