Hi, I'm a beginner to the forums so I don't know if this is what I should do to ask my question.

I'm a lefty so my fretting hand is my right. When I started guitar a year ago I got a book with basic stuff in it, and when it came to fretting I did what it said, thumb middle of the back of the neck and finger tips to press down on strings, and I ran through the strength and speed exercises. But since i moved away from that I found that having a slightly grabby thumb helped make open chords more comfortable and letting my thumb sit to the side on scales and sweep picking helped with my speed and accuracy.

But since I strayed from this position I was told to assume with my right hand and added my own comfort tweaks I was just wondering is that affecting my overall speed and accuracy? like resting my thumb on the top half of the back of my neck and letting my fingers relax a little and not hold down the strings with the very tips of my fingers and not touching adjacent strings?

Thanks if you can shed some light on my internal conflict
well idk about that book you read but ive played with my thumb on the top half of the neck all my life. i dont even think of it. comfort first right? lol do what you think is better man. but everyone ahs their own way of placing themselves. so place your thumb where you want.
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