I have a cort x-2 and Im running a cube 30x amp and a BOSS metalcore pedal. I have no idea what pickups are in my guitar. nobody at the store could tell me what they could be. I play metal mostly. I was thinking of putting a EMG H4 in the bridge position because I've heard it have a nice crunchy tone and can hit harmonics sweetly. but I am at a loss for what to put in the neck position. Can anybody recommend a pickups that would compliment the emg and not clash with it If I select center position. or if theres anything else that would work better please tell me. I also like playing blues and rock, so I don't really know what to do for that
You can get it in a set (bridge/neck) but if you are willing to spend more, go for Dimarzio, look on their website and find what you're looking for
Try a D-activator, it's the same concept as the HZ series, basically a passive pickup that sounds active. Btw pup questions go in the pups thread.