So I want to put some LEDs in my amp-head and put a clear plastic front on for the grill, but for the LEDs I dont want to connect them to my heads power source. Can I put them in and just have the LEDs run like to my wall jack for power.

I have no idea how LEDs work either btw so Yea...help on how they power would be great to know also!
So you want to throw some LEDs onto your head, but have a completely separate circuit (with another full wall plug) to power them? I mean, it's entirely possible, but it seems like a complete waste of space and time.

In order to do this, you would need a pretty decent understanding of electronics, as well as good wiring/soldering skills. Since you admitted you don't know how LEDs work, I am going to assume you don't possess either of those skillsets.

I would recommend not doing this project. Or, at the very least, you should buff up on your electronics know-how before attempting something like this. It would be a good beginner project, but beginner doesn't necessarily mean easy for a novice.
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I just did this Last week and overall it looks quite badass.

go to oznium.com get some ribbon led strips 2 is all you will need
get the lowest wall wart 2amp i think
you are gonna have to solder the wall wart connections that come with each led strip to one strip and connect the two strips together via the supplied quick connects
they come with double sided tape already attached. open up amp and stick them in.
have the connector come out the back attach to power source via the wall wart u just bought and tada!! led lights

easy and simple looks cool and screw what others say if you want to do it then do it.
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