Hi everybody,

I'm performing in a talent show with my friend in a few weeks and I was wondering if anybody had good ideas on what to do. I play the guitar and sing and he plays the piano. Last year we did a cover of Lady Gaga - Telephone, but I feel like we could find a song with more potential for our arrangement this time around.

Here is our video from last year, to help get an idea of what we sound like:

Any suggestions are welcome, but hopefully you guys come up something not too obscure...I guess our target audience is mainstream...anyways, thanks!

The Only Exception by Paramore. Has a nice acoustic guitar piece with a keyboard/piano piece. You'd sound great i think!
I agree with Punkychick98.

That's a sick song that leaves you open to change the musical structure however you want.

Here's a link to a studio session of my group playing "The Only Exception" - Paramore

Nice video from last year. You could always take advantage of that piano and ROCK some Journey.

Here's songs that everyone would recognize that could easily played with guitar/piano haha. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpB_40hYjXU&feature=related

Good luck!
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