So I've had my Fender Super Sonic for a while now. I am beginning to believe that it may be one of the loudest amps ever (I say that for dramatization). This amp on the clean channel and the volume at 1 is louder than a valve king on 4. Its louder than a Rockverb on 4. Its louder than two different mesa boogies at the same 3-5 level. These are either 2x12's with a head (in the case of both mesas and the rock verb) and the Valve King was hooked to a 6505+ 4x12 cab, and it was also louder than a line 6(not sure the model) and a 4 x12 cab. I think the rock verb was a 50 watt, but everything else is a 100 watt tube head, with a nice cab. I seem to be louder than anyone I play with and my volume never passes 1.

Is there something wrong here? My amp can't be used unless the volume is below 1. The one time I had it up to 3 it was UNBEARABLE. Being next to it was painfully deafening.
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mine broke down in 2 days! drive channel and the foot pedal was out, there having problems with that amp. So much for made in the usa! BS!
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(shrug) I got mine used, and damaged, the top wood joint on the right side was split but some glue and clamps and its fine cosmetically. And it was worked fine, sounds fine, its just loud.

your probably right, and I do realize that it would be easier on the ears in a bigger space, but I have played in a big wharehouse that my friend has access to at work. On 3 You had to seep good space between you and it but it sounds amazing at that volume, simply awesome.

I do play with a "high output guitar", or at least the pickups are high out put... but regardless it makes me wonder if I should have it check out by someone who knows more about the crap than I do.