I'm slowly looking at getting into the market for a new axe, but am having difficulty on narrowing down my search. I like playing all sorts of stuff, but most of the material I write is fuzz-intense noise rock, with lots of low end. Stylistic influence would be if you take Japandroids and Death From Above, Sex Bob-Omb (lol, yeah), smush them Raveonettes, Sleater-Kinney, and put in a tiny hint of Russian Circles, Tool, and White Zombie

Amp is a 2x12 combo 100 W Beckemer (GC-100-R),and the main pedal I use is a Little Big Muff Pi in combination with both the clean and dirty channels on the amp. All of my other pedals are just there to toy with, so they don't matter as much.

Oh, and budget is preferably under $1000.

The first recommendation I get is a Telecaster, but I don't think that's what I'm looking for. I have a Godin Radiator (one of the first runs from a decade ago), and that Tele influence is good enough, rendering any interest in a Tele pretty moot. LPs were also suggested, and I'm neutral about those. Seem pretty versatile, but nothing special sounding. The Jazzmaster and Jaguar have peaked my interest (especially the latter), but my local stores only carry the Squier and low end Fenders of that variety, which may sway my true opinion. Plus the shorter scale of the Jag is pretty appealing, although I'm 5'6" I have the hand size of a 5'2" girl (literally).

Hopefully that's enough to go on to get some advice going...
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It would really all be personal preference man. It seems like you already have a pretty clear idea of what you want, something in the vein of a Jaguar or a Jazzmaster, so use that as your starting point then look for similarly equipped guitars. I've got an Epiphone Les Paul with P-90s in it that loves heavy fuzzy tones so you might want to look in to something like that, but again man its all about what you like. The only real advice I could give would be to avoid active pickups like the plague.
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You should just get an electric-acoustic and play it incredibly loud volumes. I've never seen a (real) band ever do it, but I've personally done it and it sounds something fierce.

(EDIT: I know it's not really an actually suggestion, but I'll bump your thread anyway)
Also, what do you mean by "Low-end" Jaguars and Jazzmasters?
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Honestly, it's all personal preference, man. Jags or Jazzmasters could work; if you can control the feedback, I think a semi-hollow like a Wildkat would be cool for that, too. I'm doing similar music right now with a cheap Teisco and an old Silvertone, and I feel like for noise rock, it's really more about cranking your amp to within an inch of its life and creative use of pedals.