So my friend bought a Washburn Maverick BT-9 from a thrift store for $40. Needs a new output jack and a new cap, but it's also go a crack under the bridge.

We weren't sure whether or not to break it off completely and then re-glue it or try to glue it as is.


With the amount off wood glue you would have to use to fix it , it will probably hurt the guitars tone.
Would Gorilla Glue or Elmers Nano glue work for gluing it back in? I know you're only supposed to use special kinds of glue for this sort of thing.

How would you go about putting a new block in? The crack goes into the trem area.
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Gorilla glue should (no experience). Everyone on here and I will vouche for Titebond.
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We broke it off, and now it's a choice between Gorilla Glue that's glued shut and Elmers Nano glue.
elmers has worked for me before, wood glue is actually stronger than the wood itself so you'll do fine
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