I've been fiddling about with my Mesa Lonestar and today finally decided to try the effects loop out. I noticed the overall sound was better but the volume dipped a little.

To anybody who has experience with this amp and it's effect loop, is this a good way to run it? Also, in this setup will it have enough stage volume for live gigs?
AFAIK the Lonestar is a 30/50/100 watt tube amp, unless im very much mistaken.
30W tube= enough decibels to make your testicles fall off.
EDIT: Its 10/50/100.
Enough volume to cause mass extinction then.
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Bypassing the effects loop bypasses the master output, however you can still turn up the volume using the individual channel masters.
Hmm... what did you have in the loop? If you had a pedal with a level adjustment, you may have to bump it up a bit so the levels match, or you'll see a volume drop when you turn the loop on.

Is it a series or parallel loop? (if parallel it will have a wet/dry mix knob)

The lone star should have enough volume to play anywhere, ever.

EDIT: were you bypassing the loop, or turning it on?
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