"Nuclear Yellow" Kramer Striker FR424, one of the early MusicYo models. Also comes with EVH D-Tuna.

NOTE: I don't know when or how it happened, as there is no other damage to the guitar, but the threaded piece onto which you would normally screw a trem arm is missing. Baffled.

Love this guitar, and may end up keeping it, but I'm just seeing if there's any interest as I've been offered a steal on a guitar I've wanted for a long time, and money from this sale could go towards it.

£200obo plus shipping.

TRADE: Despite only really wanting to sell this to fund a specific purchase, I would still like to see what other people could offer up for trade. This guitar is great, but I do fancy a change regardless. If any of you know me, you should know I don't keep my 6 strings for very long :lol:





This is the only "damage" to the guitar - a hairline crack in the paint on the neck joint, barely noticeable