heys guys, recently i've been practicing for a show which is actually tomorrow. I play lead guitar and lead vocals. We r playing the four horsemen by metallica. I got the guitar parts down, but my vocals which i thought were decent until now, have disappointed me. The places PA needs to be turned up cause i'm legit yelling so hard to cut through that the semi clean hetfield vocals turn into raspy growls, thats how hard i'm trying to cut through over the guitars and drums. Has anyone else had an experience like this where you thought you had a decent voice and suddenlly you can't even hear yourself. I tell the guy to turn the mic up, my vypyrs on 7 and we hav drums but he goes no you can hear it in the audience. Idk i need help the shows tmr.
you probably can hear it in the audience. remember the PA is pointed toward them not you. you should be able to ehar yourself through the monitor but if there is none, just tell one of your friends to sit in the audience and ask him how it sounds to make sure. without a monitor, what you hear on stage isn't what you hear in the audience.
Do you guys have a monitor? If not then sound check.

Chances are that if you can hear your vocals without a monitor than they are WAY too loud for the audience. Keep in mind that you aren't playing for yourself.
Those three comments should get ya going. Good luck.
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