I have a dual head rig that i have just up and running. Once i had the 2 amps volume set to where they complimented each other i realized, what if i need to turn down or up when i get to the gig. I know that I cud just readjust them but Iv spent alot of money getting this thing 2 where i want it. so id like it to perform exactly as id like. I thought about just getting a volume pedal. Then i thought, I use a clean boost to drive the both amps input. Would a volume pedal take away from that boost? Kinda like turning the volume down on the guitar. Any help wud b greatly appretiated. Thanx

And id rather not use say a stereo volume pedal cause i want everthing in a rack and a volume pedal wud not fit into my drawer.
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if you put a volume pedal before the preamp then it will affect the drive like a guitars volume would

in the fx loop it basically acts as a master volume

edit: just reread the question

you could get 2 volume pedals for each amp and adjust them that way i guess

idk how you would hook 1 volume pedal to the fx loops of 2 amps
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