Jason Aldean - Crazytown.......if you have teh mp3, you can throw the balance to the one side and get it isolated....but anyway during the intro he's using what sounds like a slicer and a phazer or autowah.....can anyone tell me what FX these are? Maybe its tremolo and a univibe...I dunno really. Thnx

Studio version

Live version (you can hear the phazing during the verses a bit)
just sounds like a modern overdrive to me. Recent country is all studio perfect. Autotune and effects takes the soul out of every aspect of it. You would probably need thousands of dollars to emulate anything from the past ten years. I'd suggest you just turn your gain to somewhere between 3-6 depending on what amp you have, then use a flanger set on a low time and mid range. The other guitar sounds like he's palm muting with a univibe. I'm not sure anyone would notice it if you performed it live with no effects though.

Just wondering, there are spots in the live video of this song where Jason is strumming away and there is no sound, did they turn him down or is he faking? First noticed when I couldn't hear the acoustic at all. Also, there are spots where he isn't holding a chord and its still getting played, thought I'd point that out.