Is this safe? I think it would sound kind of cool to play an acoustic guitar through a normal guitar amp and pedals. I just don't want my speaker to turn to shreds.

Meric Long of Dodos does something like this, but he uses full hollowbodies, not bona-fide acoustic guitars.

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Acoustic amplifiers just have controls and equalizers that compliment acoustic guitar tones better than an electric guitar's would. The only difference is how you control the tone, not anything that would damage anything. Perfectly safe, your tone just won't be perfect.
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AFIAK there isn't a problem with it, I do it sometimes myself.

Depending on effects and such, you may run into feedback problems. I'd suggest purchasing a sound-hole cover to remedy that problem if you rub into it.

What sort of effects are you thinking about using?
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No, your amp will die and you will explode.

naa, I'm just being silly.. It'll work and I've done it.. It doesn't sound as nice as an acoustic amp but it works.. there's just less "roundness".
John Butler plugs his Maton acoustics through Marshall heads and tuns Tubescreamers, wahs and delays in his signal chain. No problems there.
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