I've been offered one for £200.

4gb Ram
2.16 GHz
17" Screen
Snow Leopard

Is this decent enough?

I'd be using Logic/ Garageband and Photoshop.

Also, would I need a small mixer, or interface to record with?

Probably wouldn't handle logic overly well, but will be fine for photoshop and garageband.

Can't pass it up for £200

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My macbook handles Logic Express 8 fine.

It's a 2008 Aluminium model, 13" screen with Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 2.4GHz and has 4gb RAM DDR3 & 320gb HDD. Running OSX 10.5 (not snow leopard, yet).

Considering a G5 isn't a laptop and a purpose built desktop computer, for £200 you can't go wrong.

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Thanks folks.

At a push...how much could I make on selliing it later on?


If you wanted to rid of it at some point you could always take it to an Apple Store and exchange it for a newer computer (if you wanted to).

Resale value would probably best be found out once you decide to sell it, I guess.
Hold up just a second. G5's run on powerPC processors, and thus, snow leopard can't be installed on them. That's the first thing I see wrong with this.

Other than that, I don't think you can get the newest version of Logic on there (I could be wrong), but the next newest should work fine. Just beware: Apple doesn't support their old hardware system, so there are a lot of people selling their G5's for similar prices. If you're only keeping it for a little while though, it could work out just fine. Just make sure to check on that snow leopard thing.