Hey UG,

I'm playing electric guitar for about two months now and i had some questions about my guitar.

the guitar is an Ibanez Deluxe 59'er (not the lawsuit model) from 1978 and was previously owned by my brother who played it for a few weeks and then nobody touched it for about 10-12 years.

the guitar had been stored on the attic next to the central heating and after reading on the internet i found that this is bad for the neck. is it possible to fix the neck after laying in such a bad condition?
when i play i have some fret buzz on the sixth string and my guitar goes a bit out of tune pretty much every day by just standing in my room. i think i need it to be set up, how much does a good set up cost? (average)

is it maybe a better idea to just buy a new guitar?

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In London, a good set up would be about £30.
Over there in the netherlands, not too sure but not far off i guess.

You should tell them how it's been stored too, they might be able to give you some advice.
In the US, most shops do a good setup for about $50. I'd definitely have a pro look at it....
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Well depending on how bad the neck is, adjusting the truss rod should fix the buzzing problem. If you don't know how to do that, just look it up on the internet, there's plenty of videos and stuff on how to do it. As for the tuning, I'm not sure. Adjusting the truss rod might help that a little, other than that all i can suggest is a new set of strings and possibly new tuners.
Thanks for the quick replies!!

the price of a set up really suprised me i expected at least the double.
does a good set up include the truss rod to be adjusted as well?

also i noticed that when i move the guitar while it's plugged in my amp starts to make noise, also when you touch the jack in the guitar its making a noice. does this mean that the jack input is at the end of its life? or is it the amp ?(brandless made in china amp that is to be replaced soon)

also how do pickups usually withstand such storing conditions?
yeah, take it to a (good) shop and ask them to set it up- should include the trussrod.

Assuming it's in good condition and a setup cures the problem, i'd hang onto it- Japanese-made guitars are generally pretty great. Unless you can afford a fair bit of money for a new guitar you could end up with something much worse.
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i agree take it to a tech and let them now how long it was stored.. or youc an always read up online and try to give it a set up your self... also new strings will help alot if you have not put new strings on yet..