Hey Im not really information filled with technical stuff about anything really, and I am having a problem as the other day I was in London Drugs and bought a Logitech Z523 speaker set for around $123 canadian, I have 13 Days to return it, which i will! as they are descent speaker quality but not really for the price paid, as well there are so many people who have the same issues reoccuring with this product, about speaker balance not effective unless on full volume, poping/cracking noise reappearing then fading occasionally, and now i turned the speakers just on and my sub makes a loud vibrating noise and was shaking, and i havnt touched the thing except two days ago when i bought this to plug the speakers up with it.

That is a lot of information, maybe a bit much. However this brings me to my question of asking for advice of which good speaker systems are there that i can buy and from where that are of good quality and build that could work well when i use backing tracks from youtube and ultimate-gutiar, i tend to listen to metal if that makes a difference but listen to jazz, blues classical as well. I am also from Canada so descent shipping and in north america or a local store would be suited.

Any advice given is much appreciated, thanks for everything in advance!
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What kind of budget do you have? If you want a good system, you'll have to put out some good cash for an amp, sub(s), speakers. Probably a few thousand
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Altec Lansing. Got a decent 2.1 speaker system for around 100$. Amazing sound and so far no problems. IMO they are some of the best speakers for their price.