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I agree that either the acoustic guitar is out of tune or too much chorus effect can make things sound out of tune. I think some drums or playing with a metronome (I don't want to hear a metronome in the recording) would help the timing. The song writing is good. Please review my music at this link:


Yeah, now when u point it out, there is a bit too much of that chorus

thanks for the crit
I love the idea of the song.
Lots of feel and potential in this.
As stated above. Less chorus on the acoustic would make for a warmer feel. It is indeed slightly out of tune. And a Metronome for more precise timing.
But all in all the song is pretty beautiful. I recommend a bit more variation in the electric guitar. Maybe 2 electric guitars harmonizing at 3/4 or half way through? Second guitar being one scale above the first one and a bit lower in volume.
Would make for a more epic feel.
Just my thoughts.
Very good song though.