I have a Valveking 100W, 4 Boss pedals, and a Dunlop Kirk Wah, and I have an unbelievable amount of hum/white noise. I run my pedals on the OneSpot adapter, if that is relevant or not. When I plug my guitar straight into the amp with no pedals, it is absolutely silent, even at a gigging volume (around 4 or 5). If I run through the pedals I get the hum, whether distortion is on or off. I tried every one of my pedals one by one and every single one had hum. I don't know what to do. I'm thinking it is one of my patch cables because my main cables aren't the problem but I am not sure. I don't think it is the pedals because I never used to have this problem. Anyone know what is going on?
Possibilities include;

Cheap patch leads - signal is only as strong as the weakest link.
One Spot - although I haven't tried them I have heard they can be noisy...


Limit your chain - try running the chorus through the effects loop (I think there's one on the VK).
Get a noise suppressor of some kind.
Get good quality leads - or make your own. Lava, George L or the likes.
Invest in a better power supply - Voodoo Labs or the like (not a DC Power - they're rubbish).
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Try running all your effects with batteries and see if its still noisy. If not then the one spot is the problem. Just try and narrow down the problem.
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