i wouldnt waste my 200 bucks
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It's solid state, if it still plugs and plays there's not a lot wrong with it.
And it's a Spider II which is a good model, for $200 I'd buy it.
I'd buy it and then sell it for a higher price. Profit.

Trust me, if you really want to go for a solid state amp, there are MUCH better for the price. The peavey vypyr models, for example, are decent solid state practice amps.
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Yeah I feel the same. Are there anything I could check for? I'd hate to crap out $200 for nothing if it breaks on me! What are some REASONS for solid state amps to break?

I am aware that I should probably press every button, crank it up high and low,check all the effects. (Especially a line 6...) but that's about it

Quote by iheartgun
i wouldnt waste my 200 bucks

I hope this is not a constructive reply... reasons?
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I know 2 people who bought a line 6 spider 3 half stack, carlsbro 4x12
albeit a crap rig, one bought it for £70 and the other £50 haha, its a crap amp, not worth the $200
you'd have a hard time selling it on too
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Flipping rubbish amps isn't fun.

Just saying.

But if you flip enough you can get something awesome. I might get a spider 2 head for $150 these amps would suck less if they came with effects loops. The built in effects twitch twitch.
They're really not as bad as you all make it sound really... I own a Vox AD15VT and the sound it makes cannot be produced with a line 6, but a line 6 is great for that crunchy distortion.

But seeing it's got to be hauled around and in case it cannot be resold, I decided to call it off.

Thanks for all the input~
Don't get it. You can get a better practice amp for new at that price.
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Save up another 200 and get a Peavey VK or similar.

On another note @SkepsisMetal
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The only reason you'd ever need a 150W spider is if you're *shudder* gigging with it. And then you have to consider what a hassle it'll be to haul that big, heavy bitch around. Not to mention the extremely bad rep the spiders have. (which I can attest to, being a former spider III owner).

Totally not worth $200 IMO. For $200 more you can get a new valveking, or a used 6505+ combo. Both of which will blow the spider away in every aspect.
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I've got a 150w spider IV lol. It's not that bad.. but don't expect anything amazing out of a spider tbh. If I could do it over again, i'd rather get a tube amp.

And yes, it's heavy as ****. Seriously. And it's way too loud for bedroom playing, i've spended ages getting the right volume and still a proper sound lol.
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Quote by SkepsisMetal
It's solid state, if it still plugs and plays there's not a lot wrong with it.
And it's a Spider II which is a good model, for $200 I'd buy it.

I'd wouldn't recommend you buy it TS. It's four years used and sounds horrible, so IMO you can get a lot better for your money than that.
Quote by howangcturtle
but a line 6 is great for that crunchy distortion.


No. The Spider is not good for crunchy distortion.

Line 6 as a company makes wonderful products, just not the Spiders.

Sounds like you made the right choice in not getting one.
This is a trick question isn't it?
"Still good"?
They were never good in the first place.
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This is a trick question isn't it?
"Still good"?
They were never good in the first place.

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spiders are alright-ish. nothing special... mediocre at best. they aren't as bad as people say they are but that doesn't make them any good either. there are some decent enough tones you can get from them i suppose...

not sure about the spider II but given that it's basically an older model from the same line it's likely to be just as susceptible to software malfunctions that nobody seems to be able to repair as the spider III was. when these amps screw up, they screw up badly, and are basically a write-off because the only way to get it fixed is send it to line 6 (at your own expense) and have them fix it (at your own expense) and send it back to you (at your own expense), and by the time you've done that you've just spent more than the amp is worth on having it repaired. might as well just save yourself the time and money, wait a little longer and get something better quality.

essentially the spider series is throwaway consumer trash.
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