Really liked it, I specially like your bass guitar riffs (even if I'm a guitar player)

Sound good to me keep on rocking !

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Whereabouts in England are you from?

Listening to the EP in order. Really like your sound, it has an indie sort of vibe, but there's more atmosphere to it. Almost like Kasabian, but without the chav-appeal. I mean that in the best possible way, as I could certainly listen to your stuff.

I'm now going to listen to the remainder of the EP.

Check out my band - we're Derbyshire/Leeds based. Maybe we could sort a gig out or something one day. Link is in my sig.
I like it a lot! I'll definitely be taking advantage of this free download!
Mathamology - Hey man, we're from Warrington (which is between Manchester and Liverpool). Thanks a lot for your feedback, we've never been compared to Kasabian before haha, which is cool. A gig in Derby maybe a possibility in the future and we have friends in Uni at Leeds and Derby. I don't manage the MySpace but hit us up a freinds request or a message sometime.
Just listened to your songs, I really liked Nothing Left For Me. I like the calmness of the song and the harmonies your singer and backups do are great, we're working on bringing in vocal harmonies, they sound great.

tehbrybry - Thanks for the download man! Perhaps share them with your friends.

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every song seems to start with a guitar riff that is pretty much on loop. Try mixing it up with drums or bass to start and and some less standard progressions.

I liked it though. sounds very polished