hello all

hoping you geeks out there can reccomend me a motherboard/cpu combination.
i am looking at mobos/cpus and really trying to get the best bang for my buck. This Computer will be used for audio recording/production and hopefully some video editing (1080p)

This computer WILL NOT be hooked up to internet, and hopefully stripped down as much as possible. (will have no need for spyware/antivirus programs, email/messaging/internet programs, obviously anything and everything having to do with online activity disabled.) No real gaming desires at all either.

here are my requirements:

i would like to run as much memory as i can afford. at least 8gb.

ive been told to make sure to get usb 3.0, sata 6gb/s, and ddr3 memory compatability

i would like firewire, but can always buy a firewire card

i would prefer at least quad-core cpu

can anyone reccomend a good mobo/cpu combo that would suite me and be relatively cheap? my budget is around 300-400 (canadian.) if its a matter of HUGE performance difference i would go up to 5 or 6, but i still have to buy monitors and a case and power supply ect ect.

The idea behind this computer is to 'hold me over' till i can save up more and build my dream cpu, so i dont want it to be too much. im currently using computers with less than 1gb ram so.. time for an upgrade

I am just so confused, i have been looking at so many mobo and cpus and they all seem so much alike, the super-technical stuff is way beyond me. ive been told intel sandy bridge cpus are the way to go (1135 i tihhnk) but only if u get a new one because they just recalled them recentlhy. new ones are supposed to work fine.


having big problems deciding on 32bit vs 64bit os. I would assume i want 64 because it can handle more RAM correct? but xp 64bit, vista 64 or win7 64? I would like xp, but not if its gonna become ancient soon, ill just make the jump to vista or 7.....

and finally,. would it be better bang for the buck by going with a company like http://www.cyberpowerpc.com to build me one? i dont know if this link will work,


this is obviously more of a 'gamer' computer, but for around 720$ i can get it with a hell of alot of fancy features (most i might not even need)
is it worth it? or will it be too hard to 'reconfigure' it for music applications.
are their any sites like cyberpower that build music-specific cpus?

would REALLY appreciate some help! So desperate. Please let, me know if u have any questions.

Go to http://www.newegg.com/ if you haven't already been, and check out the Computer Hardware section, or if you want a full PC, the Gaming computers should suit your needs. I can't really think of any quad core/mobo combinations that can fit your needs/price range, but I could be wrong. And Newegg is pretty much the greatest source of electronics(in my experience) great customer service too.
Try the computer thread in the pit, the guys there know there stuff. This forum is entirely the wrong place for this thread.

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see thats the thing, i HAVE been on newegg, tigerdirect, amazon ect ect ect and about a million forums and review sites over the last 3 days, and i have been finding lots of what seems to be good motherboards/cpus at great prices, but as far as being able to tell one from another...

now im pretty computer savvy.. this will have been the second cpu ive built and i know enough to get by, but all i see when i compare these mobos is 'blonde', 'brunette', 'redhead'.........

im looking for someone with the experience or knowledge to be able to say, you should go with X motherboard/cpu combo because it will probably work best for what u need....
otherwise im gonna flip a coin to decide haha...

ug strikes again... ridiculous....

k sorr i will try over there i thought i was in the right place

You live about 1-2 hours away from me. That's awesome.
I live in Kelowna.

Since you live nearby, I reccomend you call Wytek. They have the best prices on computers in the Okanagan. They are a small shop located near Princess Auto.

I don't think that $400 is nearly high enough of a budget. The Motherboard itself can cost $200, Processor is around $100, case $40-$400, RAM $20-30/Gb. You've also got the Hard drive, which for recording you should spend at least $200 on it. Then there's the Disk Drives, USB ports, Fans, Interent Cards, Power supply and some real cool lights.
You should probably get Firewire as well for this computer. Try for two, but one will do. I don't know what you are trying to record exactly.
Don't forget to buy the OS. I reccomend XP but the problem is, sometime in the near future DAW's will not even be made to work on XP. I know ProTools has done this(For the record, I hate ProTools).
Exact prices will vary. I'm just giving extremely rough numbers.

Another thing you will need to get, an Interface.
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