My high school is putting on a talent show and we threw a band together for it.the question is,is this really lame?I am really doing it for exposure but I 'd like to hear ug's thoughts.
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Playing a gig > Not playing a gig.
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It'll be fun, and a good way to break the ice on performing. Talent shows are usually pretty relaxed, so do it and enjoy it.
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Only if you play Disposable Heroes
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my first "gig" was an 8th grade talent show

twas fun

i sucked ass back then but didnt we all?
Pretty much everyone here played their first gig at a talent show. It's great experience playing in front of people.
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School type shows are my favorites personally, but thats just because I get to show off and impress my school mates that have no idea that I am a musician.

Just please don't play a sad/slow/super serious song. The secret is to just enjoy yourself and have fun. But for some reason in every high school battle of the bands/talent show people think that the only way to do it is by playing some boring sappy ballad.

No, you are playing for an audience not yourself. Make them laugh/sing along/have fun. Not just sit there while you awkwardly play some power chords to a terrible sound mix.
My first few gigs were talent shows with my acoustic and singing, it was fun and won some prizes.
You should definitely do that, I'm playing Master Of Puppets by myself for my talent show this month, I want to show off a tad. But it should be really fun, you should do it.

Plus you have a higher chance of getting a bigger applause at a school event than maybe in someone's backyard. About 90% of the kids at my school aren't musicians, so when someone plays a G then C chord and they applaud as if they're God, I can imagine the applause/respect for someone who can play a good notey solo song (like MoP) would be much better.

Yes, you should do it, it will be fun and you'll be able to brag a little.
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My first gig was "ghostbusters" at a school talent show.

I got so much pussy afterwards.
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