spoken word intro:

protest signs made with supplies purchased from Walmart
the punk rocker and his Black Flag next in line at Burger King
I read the only good bumper sticker yesterday
it said "you're all idiots"

C C/B Am
we're waiting on
a revolution
that's never gonna come
it's never gonna come

C C/B Am G F C
you're too scared to star a riot
and so am I
and you're still scared you might be wrong
and so am I
the systems never gonna change
but what does that mean anyway?

you don't have the arsenal
that they have
and you don't have the media
in line to scratch your back
politics is just a game
you either play or turn away

we're a country so concerned
with living right
live by your word
and all our greatest passtimes are a sham

now tell me, what does that say?
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your not punk rock.........

U told me to tell u that

I like the song. Pretty good

The spoken word is ok

The part

Your to scared to start a riot...so am i?

Why r u afrid to start a riot.... Its like. Doing what u have to to get ur point acrossed..and as a punk ...even as a person u should belive in that

Maby im mis reading that...it just sounds like...being afrid to start a riot
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My main concern is with the spoken word part. I mean no offence, but it just doesn't make any sense! Maybe I'm overreacting but that's just my opinion.
I'm not entirely sure of what the comments of above me were concerned about. Perhaps they were missing the point of this. It reminds me very much of "I was a Teenage Anarchist" by Against Me. Pretty good song, keep writing!
just rooster got it methinks. its a shot at the dated "punk" attitude that never amounted to shit.

its equally inspired by folk punk and jeff rosenstock, but it sounds like me

p.s. i am not a punk
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Good stuff, man. I really enjoyed it. I thought the spoken word intro was very strong. I also, in particular, loved the line 'Politics is just a game, you either play or turn away.'

Really good stuff. Keep going.

Has a less punk and more folk feel to me. Get rid of "that they have," it mucks up that stanza. Intro is good but the rest lacks, probably on purpose? It'd definitely be punkier then. I can't hear it in my head, so this has no real umph for me at the moment, but good idea. Keep it up, mate.
i'll post the youtube when i get it recorded
the line "that they have" blows poetically but fits perfectly when sung

thanks everybody. i'm drunk and just got robbed bit tomorrow night i'll critique for urrrrrbody
I want Super Saiyan abilities