As the title states, who would you play bass for in a band? Your answer could be a solo artist or it could be a band. Personally, i'd play/for with Carlos Santana and Tool just to name a couple. Post pics if you'd like.
Paul Chambers if we were talking about jamming with a bass.
django reinhardt if were taking with a geetarist.
(i play both, meh)

I realize both those guys are dead.
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pat the bunny (the man behind, johnny hobo and the freight trains, wingnut dishwashers union and now ramshakle glory) not hte most amazing musician of all tim, but awesome songwriter and would be fun as hell to play with.
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i'd want to play bass for Buckethead. that would be like being one of Santa's elves!
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Josh Homme and Dave Grohl. We would play around one note (probably a C) for 4 hours and still sound like gods. LIKE GODS!!!!

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David Gilmour a la Pink Floyd covers. Tool. Megadeth. The Beatles during Sgt. Pepper/Mystery Tour (for the psychedelics). Petrucci, but outta all of these I would most nervous with; Myung imo is tied for the best ever. In progressive-with G. Lee and C. Squire.
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I'd love to jam with Incubus, it would be amazing.
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Either the chili peppers, i mean they are my favorite band and everything, or taking paul chamber's place in kind of blue, adderly, coltrane, davis, bill evans? Every jazz players dream
I'd give a kidney and a leg to jam with Pearl Jam.

Or on a different note, pretty much any ska/ska punk band would be great. I'd have a blast jamming with Streetlight Manifesto or Oreskaband or something along those lines.
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I would die to get to jam out with Cannibal Corpse for teh br00tz. To add some diversity I would love to play with Anathema.
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Oh right, I forgot to add in Pink Floyd, good stuff. Also, Opeth's Damnation album would be nice to fill in too.
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I'd love to jam with TMV- would love to weave melodies with Juan Alderete.

That would be awesome.

I don't think I'd be able to live with myself if I turned down the opportunity to play with Coheed and Cambria. That would be truly awesome.
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Nigella Lawson.

I bet she makes great jam...

Er, maybe DMB? Jamiroquai? Tool? Cee Lo Green would be sweeeet.
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If we can jam with the long gone, I'd love to sit in with Dexter Gordon.

The MGs, esp. if Otis Redding is singing out front.

And the Talking Heads or the Attractions, though I'd probably end up lobbing a bear bottle at Pete Thomas' head like Bruce Thomas did at one point.
id jam with megadeth. they are more bass friendly than metallica by far and i dont have to deal with asshole *coughs* i mean lars
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When I think jam my mind goes straight to just improving on some blues phrases and to me there would be nothing more awesome than if I was on

A) on bass, just doing some simple lines and watching Stevie Ray Vaughn just rip through stuff


B) on guitar, just do basic chords and watch Jaco rip through stuff
cannonball adderley quintet
oscar peterson
booker t and the mg's

my dream group would be:

clifford brown (tp)
cannonball (as)
arnett cobb (ts)
wynton kelly (p)
me (b)
philly joe jones (ds)
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Would love to jam with Cannibal Corpse for a challenge on finger bass; Alex Webster's one of my favorite songwriters. SOAD would be fun too, for something easy to do.
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Would love to jam with JoJo Mayer, that would be sweet. Playing with Ben kenney and Incubus would be amazing. The brand new heavies, jamiroquai, Eryka Badu would also be at the top of my list for artists to jam with.
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It'd be fun as hell to jam with Robert Randolph and the Family Band
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paramore all the way.

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ozzy osbourne or my favorite band slipknot. i could also see myself playing with metallica, because most of the stuff i play when im just messing around are cliff-era metallica stuff.

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Metallica during the black album era would be hella fun. Personally I would love to jam with the Los Lonely Boys. I love Jojo Garza's basslines and the awesome laid back but also rocking vibe they have to their music.
I would love to jam with RHCP or Them Crooked Vultures. both seem like theyd be awesome to just play with. If I was the only one playing bass for it. 2 basses often make things sound awkward

If i was touring it'd be different. I'd wanna be in one of these 4.
The Offspring
Rise Against
Green Day (pre-2000)
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Russian Circles
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The Ramones
Deep Purple
Black Sabbath

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I'd play with Slipknot, but I could never do Paul Gray's memory any justice, bless his soul.
John Butler Trio or Current Swell.
I sooooooooo wana be in a band in that sort of genre but EVERYONE who plays guitar and drums exclusively plays metal around my area. Not even good metal either!
Also, JoJo Mayer as mentioned before would be awesome along with Oli Rockberger, basically taking Janek Gwizdala's place!
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BB King, Miles Davis, maybe the Funk Brothers.

But if I could jam with anyone it would be Victor Wooten.

I personally dont care for Victor Wootens music at all. But I respect the hell out of him. The reason I would like to play with him is... VICTOR WOOTEN IS FEARLESS. Most musicians biggest fear is making a mistake live. Victor loves out notes in his solos. He's at his best when most musicians are at their worst!

Thanks to Youtube I can jam with them when ever and where ever I want
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