I have a very basic question. I am new at guitar and have search tab for Under the Bridge. The first note is...


I have seen this in a lot of other tab and I need to know what you are supposed to strum?
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Mute the strings inbetween where you place your fingers. Do this with your fretting fingers.
Just pluck with fingers or use the pick to pluck the bottom note and your middle finger (assuming you use thumb and pointer to hold pick) to pluck the top one..Or mute the strings in the middle and strum away!
If you're a beginning guitarist I would suggest skipping the intro to Under the Bridge and just learning the main part of the song for now. That intro is pretty tricky. I've been playing for 9 years and it still trips me at times.
Okay, thanks

Now, I have another question. As a beginner should I start playing the chords of a song or the melody?
You should probably start with the chords because they are a lot easier. With a few more years, melodies will become no problem!