I'm trying to learn a riff... I guess(I don't know if it would be called a riff), from Drudkh- Tears of Gods, by ear... because I can find a tab for it nowhere. Also my friend who got me into guitar told me to try and learn things by ear because it's really good practice. It's a really pretty song and there's what seems to be a simple, repeating riff that starts around the 1:55 mark in the song. What I have so far is this...
Capo on 5


Ok... that's what I have so far. So, if anyone is interested in helping out or want's to work on making a tab with me for this song it would be awesome.

Also... I need to learn how to do tabs... that little bit there was as tedious as... counting the hairs on caterpillars?


There's a link to the song. If you haven't heard of Drudkh, well... check them out.

Till next time,