So this is the fourth track from the album/suite I'm working on... it's orchestral techno metal with electronic guitar bows in the intro, and complete reliance on a ten-note scale I came up with. I'm mainly looking for comments on the mix quality, since this is the one song I'm worried won't sound as good on higher-end speakers. (I've already tried the others). So any nitpicky mix comments are welcome (especially from those of you with nice speakers!), and I'll check out your song if you post a link.

Song's here: http://soundcloud.com/rickyhopper/polypolarity-the-ward

Thanks in advance.

UPDATE: Mix 4! http://www.soundcloud.com/rickyhopper/polypolarity-the-ward-mix-4
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Dude Killer tone. I would drop those synths into the back, and bring those guitars out. Boost it a bit in the 1k-3k area and some more presence maybe? Give those drums some more lower mids for sure. The mix feels alittle "tingy". Use a multiband compressor on the master track to get that mix better glued together.
Thanks, guys! I took some of the comments and put together a new mix, I'm happier with this one. And yeah, Erik, that's kind of the feeling I was going for. I would've added more strings, but I want this song to be able to be played live semi-realistically (only the first and last of the 5 songs on my EP use a full orchestra for this reason). It's still a stretch, but hey.

Comments on the new mix?
Ya the new mix sounds better, I really like how the song progresses from one riff to another. I'm a big fan of melodic death metal and this has similar synth sounds that i really like. I think you're good keep this mix

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Listening to the second mix.

The first part is pretty nice, but still a little tingy I think. Rythm guitar is a bit low, and strings a bit high in the 1:10 part. They don't need to be super-loud, they would still dominate the musical landscape even if you lowered them in the mix.

Like the idea of mixing electronic drums and electric guitar. Re-use of the figure from the intro is nice, would've liked to have seen more of that.

Writing for the strings at 2:08 feels somewhat haphazard and out-of-place, as well as in 2:50. Piano is neat, actually wouldn't have minded if it was given a bit more space in the mix. Overall I think it could've used some more small touches like this (and the gongs) to keep it interesting.

Nice, intense ending.
Listening on my studio headphones and commenting as I go.

Beginning is nice, I like the progression. Gave off a sense of mystery, And it seems to avoid and super-typical chord progression which is nice. When the drums and guitar kick in it gets quite good. I think the tone could use some brightening though, seems a bit of a rough tone, the individual notes get a little lost. The orchestra bits are nice, the strings at 1:48 or so seem a bit flat to my ear, may be just that its an atonal section though.

Song has picked up, guitar tone once again seems to be hindering the individually played notes a tad. I also noticed at this point, that maybe adding some cellos on the right side of the mix might thicken the strings up a bit (Like a typical orchestra spread) I'm not sure if I can hear them really (if there is any).

Song picks up again, a bit faster now. The synth hi-hat seems a bit high in the mix, maybe try lowering the levels or panning it some....

Songs finished, quite a good one too. Kept me interested throughout the entire thing. All in all a good song, just a few things I nit-picked at. Main thing is the guitar tone, some brightening up, maybe a little eq and reverb and it will be even better I think.


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Thanks, guys!

descara, yeah, I think the first part is going to stay like that, eBows make the tinginess hard to avoid... I'm also trying to have the strings take a primary role in the song, but I'll mess around and see what I can do. Giving the piano more space is a good idea too.

Also, the song is supposed to sound kind of haphazard in parts, it's supposed to be a musical representation of insanity (hence, "The Ward").

Uncreator, there is a typical orchestral spread in this, it's just that one cello follows the guitar (as well as the bass) and the other cello makes a pedal tone most of the time. Maybe I can re-EQ them or something. (In all, theres 2 violins, 2 cellos, 1 viola, 1 bass) But I'll work with the guitar tone, and lower the hi-hat.
New mix, btw. Hi-hat still sounds a bit high in some speakers, but on others it sounds fine to me. Also, I figured out I was exporting 16-bit audio files (which explained a few questions I had, especially about file size), it's now 24-bit.

Thanks for the feedback on my song. This is pretty cool. The synth strings are a little piercing at times, especially towards the end. You should also bring up the guitar a little bit in the mix. Good song overall though.
I really dig this. The only criticism I have for the new mix is that those high violins are still too loud. Since they are really super high, I'd pull them back to make them a little more subtle and less in-your-face, since they sound really distracting like this.
Other than that, I honestly cannot think of much to say about it, other than little nit-picky things about the tone - which I think could use more of a crunch to it - and the kick drum (don't really like the sample you're using), but other than that it sounds great, man!
listening to the fourth mix on Cars speakers, Kia Rio 2010 defaults, if it matters anything.

it sounds quite awesome. can't find anything in the mix i would change, i think its great.
musically, as well, i think this whole bit is well done.

good job
hmm, I'd say bring down the violins? I think they're too loud, I thought they were kind of drowning out the sound of the guitar/s. I love the drums, and the sound of the orchestral parts. From like 2.08 i can't really hear the guitar parts as well, so maybe the tone of the guitar needs to be changed, the only word I can think ofto describe that tone, is muddy? Or maybe the strings are too high again. Sometimes the strings also seem kind of exotic? not sure how else to say that, but i love it. Great job I think

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