Firstly Pedulz.

New ones are:

Bad monkey- Great as a boost, nice mid hump, exactly what I expected. Not amazing as an overdrive, but certainly passable in a live setting.

Behringer EQ- surprisingly quiet, unless using to massively boost, shapes the sound well, build quality is as expected, poor. jacks are rubbish plasic as is the case, but it stays on all the time so not too much of an issue for me.

Daphon Volume- Unknown brand to me, really cheap. frankly pretty good. plastic, but feels pretty sturdy, and no noise really, useful for muting and lovely for swells.

Next, NAD.

Laney Cub 12

15 watts of valve goodness, am absolutely love this after my cube 30. It's not gonna pull off metal, or even hard rock without an overdrive or two, but for my use (mainly church music) it's got perfect dark cleans, with pretty decent headroom, not at all fendery but I like it, to a slight overdrive which is really warm, generally great.

Not versatile, but if it does what you want it does it well, especially considering to £200 price tag.

and a family shot for funsies.


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Sounds like quite the gear day!

Loving the partial coke wall behind your family shot.
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