hey all!
Im in the market for a nice cheap looping pedal for under $100
I was looking at the Boss RC2 so i MAY go towards that unless there is a cheaper yet equal value looper in the market.

Im running a fender standard telecaster>korg volume pedal>boss tu2>Fulltone Fulldrive 2>Rocktron Chorus>Boss DD5>Boss RV3> Fender Hot Rod Deville 4x12

My sound is aiming towards explosions in the sky, this will destroy you, god is an astronaut, band of horses and the temper trap. Thanks!
A universal rule in life is that you generally get what you pay for. So unless you get an extra good used deal, $100 isn't going to net you a looper that you'd want. Loopers range (new) from $190-$400. The RC-2 is as cheap as you're going to get probably. There's a lot of other options out there but since budget is an issue I'd shoot for simplicity here.
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do you need to be able to save loops and recall them later?

if so i would recommend the digitech jamman. it has a lot of memory and they make a few different versions. the jamman solo is the cheapest.

also, if you don't need it to save loops i would look at the line 6 dl4 and the hardwire dl-2. both have pretty nice loopers on them. plus you get another delay pedal

i'm guessing any of the options, even used, are going to cost you a over 100. you may get close with the hardwire or dl4 though.
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unfortunately, 'cheap' and 'good' are mutually exclusive when it comes to loopers. you will need to pay some duckets for a good one, else you will get something subpar you won't wanna use for too long.
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Prob a good choice, if you screw up a loop on the dl4...there is no going back!