Is there a specific technique that just sounds beautiful on the acoustic? I am a electric rocker and the only technique that I mastered that sounds beautiful on acoustic is travis picking. please suggest a beautiful sounding acoustic technique.

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harmonics on an acoustic just sound beutiful,tapped,natural, artificial theyre all good

also try acoustic tapping
Some percussive slap techniques can make it sound beautiful, like the guitar is it's own band so to speak.
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Harp harmonics I think they're called. Like Tommy Emmanuel's 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow'.
That's a good observation. The electric guitar and acoustic guitar both have some differences that bring out the best in each instrument.

It's certainly worth exploring great songs that feature acoustic guitar. The Beatles' "Blackbird" is outstanding. Extreme's "More Than Words" is very well done.

Both of these songs are played fingerstyle, sans pick.
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Everyone here tell me what fun accoustic song learn to pratic my basic chords???

I check Last kiss fun and good for that...Other song?
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tune to DADGAD! some awsome slap and tap possibilites there, aswell as the harp harmonic thing, but im pretty rusty on the harp thing.

I like CGDGAD, too. You get deeper, more resonant chords, as well as some really neat shapes.
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I love spanish style guitar. Dunno if that's a technique though Hahahahaha XD
Try tuning to DGDGBD and play some slack key!!! Some really beautiful music
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