A man of theatre height and ox strength sits
down next to Latrell, a lawyer from the city and the inheritant of a
new patch of farm land in town, with two mugs of beer.
"You think you can till land?" he says to him.
"You seem the type who wouldn't say boo to a goose.
It is not a numbers game, son. The heat is harsh and the winters chill
skin to the shit of the joints. Head home and thy wife of kettlers and hot condensed
steel pouters shall not tell tall tale of the bespectacled frame who
came full hearted with nary a bone to bulk game and rise reasonable grain. We are
not but men who abhor shame."

By Fall's deadwood, Latrell's crops rose collar high and both
prosperor and burdensome man alike sought his advice on feed
and treatment.
They pestered and drew up deeds to land not yet inhabitable
of ghosts and family trees.
Latrell avoided all; nose stuck in a book.
"What is it?"
"Where is it rept?"
"What's next?"
Latrell led oxen through bright, crisp crops with his eyes towards
the sky. He looked to them and said,
"Why don't you charge it to the soil and let
the goddamn rain
pay it off?"
Poor advice.
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first let me tell you it's real privilege just to be able to come here and read your work...i really do appreciate it man.

i think you are at your best here. i love it but it's hard to say why...Apeshxt's reaction wasn't far off. it's like you're telling a joke...two men in a bar setting, the punch-line finish...only a slightly sad joke. the lawyer plays the underdog, and is persecuted by a farmer. latrell beats the odds, earns the respect of the community, and then decidedly ignores them. speaks volumes. guess i'm curious as to why some of these choices were made.

and can i ask what "rept" is? that tripped me up.
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