In this crowd,
All I see is you;
Can you hear the people as I do.
I'm lost in the ice,
caught in an endless blue.
Touch my skin,
It's cold.

As a way,
A sparrow flys;
Spreads its wings,
the way it cries,
Nevermind the endless wind;
and soft voices never heard.

Shoulder my burden to the heedless mind;
You change your mind all the while,
In this field's endless green,
I held your hand for a time.

As the giants who came before,
The rocks tremble to the earth's loud roar.
I grit my teeth, my mouth is dry,
As I kiss your lips for a time.

Now, please
Tell me all your lies,
as a monstrous tiger hides.
I can see through your mind;
The way I always do.


Again this is acoustic based, it is folk inspired.

I wrote this after my first breakup, I love it because it is one of the few I have that is good.
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