Hey guys!

I am an electric guitar player by nature, but one of my bands are doing acoustic sets, so I am in search of an electro-acoustic guitar (there will be a P.A)

My main concern is playability. My style incorporates a lot of big blues bends and some fast picking runs. So I need something that plays as close to an electric as possible, so a cutaway body with a thin neck and low action I think.

I am looking to spend around £200. Not much, I know, and I may be asking too much, but if anyone has any ideas, please help me out.

I will also use light gauge strings to help with ease of playing. And will probably take it to a local tech, to see if he can make it any more "electric" like.

Please help me!!!

Thanks, Danyil.
Takamine, they have almost the same neck profile of a C shape Strat neck. I have a Takamine G Series EG334SC and a Strat and I swear the necks are almost the same, with the Takamine's neck being just slightly larger.

Breedlove is pretty good too, nice thin necks, but might be out of your price range.
Thanks for the reply!

They look interesting, seem to match my requirements. I have also heard ovation are good for what I'm looking for, is this true?
Ovations have great playability in my expirience. They also don't really sound so great unplugged. Try them out though maybe they will suit your likings
I do sure love me them Gibsons boy
ovation sounds good plugged in usually. Also Ibanez has some thinner necks. I hate their sound though with acoustics. I'm a big fan of breedlove guitars. Ive had the pleasure of playing a bunch of 'em. After about 15 of them, I still havn't found one I wouldn't buy.