Don't normally post my spanish stuff, but what the hell, it's already up. As promised, translated version on bottom. The english actually worked out nicer than I had thought it might. Still, I'd suggest trying to read the spanish part out loud, for the rhythm. I'm not shakira. I don't write things that sound exactly the same in spanish and english.

Siempre será
que ella será
la sueña mía

para que

me despierta
y yo vea
que se casa

y me despierto
y me crezco
y me muero

te quiero Alaina
te extraño Alaina
te deseo Alaina

deseo que me ame
deseo que me salve de mí
deseo que me deje de beber
deseo que que que
deso que
de deseo que dese des de
de de de de de.......................

It will always be
that she will be
my [fantasy]

kissing me
screaming at me
so that

I wake up
and I see
that she's [engaged]

and I wake up
and I grow up
and I'm dying

I love you Alaina
I miss you Alaina
I want you Alaina

I want her to love me
I want her to save me from myself
I want her to stop me
I want that that that
[it's all gibberish at this point]
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Thank god for 3 years of Spanish.

Very straightforward and heartfelt, just like I like it. If greyedfire was a flavor of coffee, it'd be my regular.
I guess it depends on the music background you are planning to give it. It sound nice like a folk/traditional song, but I wouldn't see it fitting that well in a rock song.

Anyway, good work.
It will always be
she will
the dreams of mine


I wake up
and I see
who marries

and I wake up
and I grow
and I'm

I love you Alaina
I miss you Alaina
I wish Alaina

I want to love me
I want to save me from myself
I desire to stop drinking
I wish that they
deso that
the wish I wish DES
of of of of of .......................

Google translator haha. How close was it?
Reading Neruda has taught me some Spanish! Not a lot, but enough to say that I like this, m'dear.
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