Hello does anyone know any good websites for getting backing tracks for doing guitar solos over other than youtube? Cheers!

Does anyone have any really good backing tracks they could share if they are on youtube?
The radio is a good place. Random song and key, pick the key and go for it.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Here's something I did, It's a backing track I made of a song I wrote, simple song, but great for running and practicing leads over.

I think it's in the key of C, but I know it's in Drop C tuning(not drop C standard, drop C).

That link wont be there for long.

Make your own. Then you've got your own signature tracks to jam over
Get a program like guitar pro or power tab and just solo over a song you like, or make your own with it. With guitar pro you can export the track as a midi then convert it into a mp3 with an online converter.
There was some freeware called 'Guitar and Bass' somewhere on these message boards, it had a jam band, so you could download that and make your own.