I can write lyrics, and i can write my own music but I cant write them to fit together or write something new to fit it. So what I am saying how do you guys write your songs to your lyrics, or write your lyrics to your songs? And does music come first or lyrics?
The age old question, which comes first. I think it depends on how you approach. When I come up with music first, I try to write lyrics around the feeling I get from the music. Then again I kind of use this same idea when I write lyrics first.
Depends if you want to turn lyrics into songs either you find a rythm and then match the music to the way you want to pace it and sing it or you can force it into a generic beat and then add little riffs or whatever, just listen to most of the stuff on the radio, they just break up words and repeat to fit the beat. Music to lyrics, sometimes it just happens, some people just do it by feel. Ozzy would just sing random words, phrases or sounds to match the music then alter it, add other ideas whatever, sometimes you need a few people to help, and a few beers to help the creativity. Recording the music, and working out how many syllables will fit in each bar or whatever timeframe you want for each line and then constructing it that way. I remember hearing that coldplays song yellow was made somewhat this way, needed a two syllable word to say 'they were all ... Something' put in yellow as a placemarker (when u want to come back and change it later), there is one in the sound of music too, 'a note to follow so' or something like that. If your still lost just jam with people who seem to know their stuff and try to get involved with their songwriting process as a way of getting in the swing of it.
I actually write the music before the lyrics and as I'm writing lyrics I try to keep the rythm in my head