I am thinking about trading my early 70s gibson lp for a mesa dual recto tremoverb 212, since I like to play the heavy stuff think cannibal corpse, slayer, death, nile, ect. Ect. I was wondering if it was worth it for what I like to play I didnt find any good videos for this so I'm asking gg&a.
No dude, an early '70s LP should be worth way more than a Tremoverb.

The amp will do all those artists and more though, the Tremoverb is one of the best Rectos IMO.
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I was thinking that but its more of a souped up player guitar, a buzz frieten tuning system, 2 high output pickups, difrent tuners. Perfect intonation and 30 secconds plus of sustain with no vibrato meaning effortlessly. Its a pretty awesome guitar that mocks modern day gibson customs.
I'd keep the guitar. You can find a Tremoverb anytime you want. If you get rid of your guitar, you most likely won't find another one just like it again.
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ToV combos are worth like $800, definitely don't trade it, unless you value your guitar at the same price a Studio.
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