Like a candle providing light
to a previously moonlit dinner
shared between young lovers,
i will be put out

long before I am done listening
to them converse about their love for one another,
as if there was and is and never will be
anything better to talk about

between mouthfuls of Crème brûlée
and warm smiles.
When their hands move to embrace eachother
at the base of the prison that holds my existence,

I will know that the others
are hidden in their efforts
to surrender me to the darkness
that encroaches upon this midnight smile.

I am a fleeting flame that flickers
tirelessly under the metal cap
that serves only to silence and hold still
the thing that makes me.

In these final moments,
with breathe held between calls for mercy
and my own futile attempts
to escape their efforts to extinguish me,

I fly the white flag of surrender
as I am finally and forever
made to shine no more.
With my final thought,

I am carried to an inferno
burning endlessly upon a hill
that is graced with strong gusts of
beautiful oxygen every few seconds,

and I realize,
I am where I am,
and there is no longer a reason or need
to plead my case for existence.

I am only a candle,
and as such I am subject
to the whims of those
that would use me,

until a time that they no longer find need of me.
Finally, I am at the gates of acceptance,
and they shine in more glory
than any flame I could ever have hoped to produce.
stop saying "I"
plmokn12 wrote:
Yes! You deserve a high five in the spirit of Jim Henson.

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