Just out of curiosity if a zombie apocalypse actually happened where would you go? what weapons would you have? etc
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btw im in hs and im almost 18 so if u do think she was flirting with me dont say that its wrong im almost a grown man.

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My brother works at a golf course where they have weapons and tools. We decided (my family) that that's where we'd go. It is also next to a convenience store and a McDonald's and a gas station. So that is a good location. For weapons, crowbar. Think about it. It's a blunt, and bladed object, it can pry open doors, and more! I'd also probably have a machete. Maybe some guns too.
i would grab a shot gun a shit load of ammo and food and live a fort i made with my lounge cushions and blanket
I'd willingly become a zombie to jump on the figurative bandwagon that represents the conformity which consumes our everyday lives.


And for the bitches, man.
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my mates always thinking about it, and our idea is to live in a shopping center..close everything and kill em with guns and grenades

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I would.......zombie sex ftw!
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btw im in hs and im almost 18 so if u do think she was flirting with me dont say that its wrong im almost a grown man.

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(now when you read this keep in mind i live in a suburb area and theres less then 300 people living within a 2 mile radius of my home.)

me and my friends already have a plan. we use my home as a home base to start. (very structurally sound and can be made into a base due to its design.)
in my bedroom i have emergency weapons for if the battle begins randomly.

stage 1. the initial base is set up and fortified i go and find other survivors, including the friends who have survived that collect weapons or have combat/experience in some field thats useful (medical, etc) after a few are collected from the field we go to stage 2.

stage 2. risk going out to get supplies, etc, and eventually barracade my garage to work on my pickup truck, dodge durango, and dodge ram, lifting them, putting fencing/other grid material on the windows (to serve as a second defense if the windows are broken) and in the case of the trucks, a roll bar fence cage over the beds to prevent zombies from getting inside, and since there is a slide window on both truck rear windows. it can be modified so someone can enter the back and shoot with cage protection if needed.

i figure the durango could be a supply truck/ carrier and the trucks could be supply gatherers or overall travel vehicles for multiple survivors.

stage 3. after vehicles and survivers are ready we go out longer distances and find other places to make bases, as we search for survivors. i know alot of people in other states so the united states is fairly easy if i try contacting people to find other people (providing the contacts aren't M.I.A.) as we go for survivors the collection of weapons and supplys continue, and the process of adding more vehicles when needed can be attended to during base setups.

stage 4. after bases are set and survivors are found, set up our own colony to help restart the human race, while continuing to search until no other survivors can be found. from that pointof the colony if the zombies are still around it would be possible to have teams to go out and extract other survivors (if any)or to exterminate any threat to the survivors.

final step 5. create city walls and cultivate farming techniques and agriculture to provide our own food to reduce risky supply missions, create our own government system (since you know, a zombie invasion kinda destroyed the past civilization ) and start from scratch on civilization as we know it.


-make bases
-find supplies, guns, and a few essential surviors
-turn vehicles into survival vehicles
-go out make other bases and find more survivors
-create colony
-recreate civilization
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