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So, i'll start by posting a "shredding" video of mine, so that you guys can see what i have learned, and what i need to learn:

Shredding Video

so, as you can see, i really need improvment, cuz my playing is really mediocre, so don't go around saying that it is cuz i know it.

I just wanted advices on what to learn next, and how to improve what i already know....

Why don't you go check out the Guitar Technique forum? There are already over 9000 threads on this same topic.
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Christ that was terrible.

You need to learn how to play the guitar.

You need to stop arsing about making noise for the sake of pretending to "shred"

"Speed" is nothing without accuracy or musically, neither of which you manage to exhibit in that video. So, the brutal truth is, you CAN'T shred, and you're nowhere near close to being good enough so stop trying for the forseeable future and concentrate on things that matter and will actually help you improve.

Slow down and focus on playing accurately, playing melodically and most importantly LISTENING, both to what you're playing over and what you're actually creating. That video was nothing more than random noise, and you're not yet at the point where you're technically good enough or musically experienced enough to create anything at that speed.

Follow the chords you're playing over, and choose your notes based on how they function over the backing as well as with each other. Listen to what you're creating and ask yourself questions like "Does this fit, does this sound good...does this even sound like music?". Those things are far more important than "Is this shredding?"...shred is a meaningless word anyway, it pretty much applies to any fast, technically accomplished guitar music.

And the important bits there are "technically accomplished" and, most importantly, "music".
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Learn some scales...play some blues solos, get a 'feel' for what sounds good over your chord progressions

slow down, stop trying to sprint before you can crawl...it sounded like someone throwing an out of tune guitar down the stairs