Hey y'all,

Long time ago I read an article that was posted in the bandleading forum or in The Pit which was an essay of a gigging veteran. He described some anecdotes while gigging, but eventually had a thesis that you would not make profit out of music and/or playing gigs if you aren't willing to change your music for the money.

It withheld some calculations of the costs and yields to prove his hypothesis. That's all I know. I'm also sure that it was posted in a link containing the article. I've tried searchbarring on the article, but there were no relevant results. I need it for my own essay as a reference.

Thanks in advance,


Searched for about 15 minutes in the columns, alas, no results. It was written a bit pessimistic/nihilistic if that helps.

I know what you mean but I can't remember it, thus making this post obselete.
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