Anyone like this band? I'm seeing them supporting SYG in May, and they seem pretty good from what I've heard of them. They remind me of the Swellers a bit.

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There's definitely a thread on this band because I remember making comments about the bassist's large ears in it. Either way they are really good live, lots of fun. You should definitely see them. I'll probably be going to the tour as well (although I'm not keen on paying £10 just for AL4W, some band I've never heard of and SYG who aren't that great and sucked live when I saw them before).

AL4W love it here apparently, because they get a really good reaction in this city of all places. I missed their first show here, but the second was really really good.
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I think they're pretty shite. However, I am also going to see Set Your Goals when they come to the UK.
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