Further to a recent question of mine regarding minor /major pentatonic. Can someone recommend a book or dvd (is that allowed ?) that helps with learning what scales to use and when, and in particular when and how to mix scales ?.
I've seen various youtube lessons about combining licks, but these lessons show, for example, a lick in major pentatonic, and the next lick in minor, or a mode or whatever. But some tabs I have seen seem to combine scales in the same licks. Thanks...
Watch BB king and Eric clapton live videos. Two of the best guitar players for tastefully combining major and minor tones.

There are also lots of lessons on the web explaining how these guys do it, like this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kgu0w0KSgQU
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Check out www.justinguitar.com. It has some really good lessons. And of course you can find lessons and articles here on UG too.

In regards to what scales to use and when, it depends on the song, the sound you are looking for, and also how creative you are. If you just want something that fits, just play a scale in the same key as the song or the backing progression. So if you are playing over something in A minor, use the a minor scale, or a minor pentatonic. If you are looking for a more interesting sound, you can take certain notes that don't necessarily fit the key of the song and bend them or slide or use harmonics to make them fit.

You can't really combine scales. You can add a b5 to a minor pentatonic to make it blues, but other than that, each scale is unique in the ways you can use it. If you are playing lets say A minor again, if you are messing around and you play D E F, you can't continue in something like D minor. Most of the notes are the same - except the A# - but the tonal center would then change from A to D. There are some instances where combining scale works, but since you are just learning, I think you should just stick to one at a time.
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