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So we've got this gig coming up Friday, we're not a legit band, just like a group of musicians on campus that don't have anywhere else to play. Anyways, we only had 4 days to practice, and during that time we couldn't get drums. As a result, our vocals, guitars and bass is all down, and solid. Everything was looking good.

Yesterday we got our drums, and we had to borrow them from some kid who we'd never played with before. As a result, he wants to play on one of the songs (A tout le monde by Megadeth), not a hard song by any means. The thing is, it is IMPOSSIBLE for us to sound good while playing with him. We do the intro at a certain speed, then he comes in off queue, and at a different tempo. To make matters worse, hes bashing the hell out of the drums, so even we can't hear ourselves, let alone him hearing us to follow. I've tried hinting to him that he's too loud, that the rest of us have practiced the song for the last week so he should just follow us, and he's like "ok, ok", but then goes straight back to doing whatever. He blames it on not knowing the queues, but how is he supposed to learn them when he can't hear us? When we finish the song, he keeps going, because he can't tell that we've all stopped playing. It's incredibly frustrating, but I don't know what else to say without being a dick. Any suggestions?
Turn down the volume.

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get someone else

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Make him go sit in the corner and think about what he's done. It's a tough punishment, but only way a drummer will learn.
"Hey drummer, you're too loud."

I'll read the OP now.
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Tell him to stop playing so loud cos he's making it sound like absolute dogwank. Then shit on his skins.
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My band's drummer is way too loud too. He claims that his drums "don't sound good" if he hits them softly. Fortunately, he knows his cues and we have loud amps. it's just hard to hear the singer.
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dude no need to be PC about it. you have to tell him straight up. being direct is difficult sometimes for the person saying it, and it can be difficult for the person receiving but its always better to say it to their face. just "nut up"
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ok, heres some serious advice, try reposting in the bandleading thread, also never take a gig with players you arent used to or that will be a show you can't handle. Now about your current drummer, you need to straight up tell him what is wrong. here are some basic discussive instructive skills
start with a compliment: i really like the way you... but,
state kindly what is wrong, use an I statement: but i feel that you are too loud, is there a way we can work together one on one with what we need for a bit?
end with another compliment: but i really like your... skills man.

If he cant take the hint that he sucks well, you need to find a new guy fast. and you may need to lower your short term standards for the show. i know thats hard to do as i am a perfectionist myself.
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For the volume, you can do one of two things, either tell him straight up that he's being too loud or you guys turn your volume up so he can hear you. For the queues, make sure he has a copy of the song and learns it as it is on the album, then sit him down and have him practice it with you guys using airdrums a few times, that way he doesn't get ahead of himself and completely screw it up with his drums right off the bat.
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"You're playing too loud. Can't hear shit, man."

I've said the above verbatim to a couple of drummers. Got the point across.
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Show him how a good drummer keeps the volume down so they can add dynamics and not just "BOOM BOOM BOOM" as every amateur drummer does.

I showed my friend this video:

He no longer bashes the shit out of them.

Also just tell him he's overpowering everything in the mix. Job done.
"Hey, man, listen. You're a bit too loud. If you're this loud at the gig, nobody will be able to hear the MUSICIANS playing. Kthxbai."

Problem solved.
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Show him how a good drummer keeps the volume down so they can add dynamics and not just "BOOM BOOM BOOM" as every amateur drummer does.

I showed my friend this video:

He no longer bashes the shit out of them.

Also just tell him he's overpowering everything in the mix. Job done.

I fecking love this video.

Squarepusher is one seriously good bassist, love how he incorporates it into his live sets.
I used to yell "NATHAN!!!! (also known as Ride) TONE IT DOWN!!!!!" And since he usually couldn't hear me, I'd pick up one of his spare drumsticks and throw it at him.
Course now, he;s figured out that LOUD doesn't equal BETTER, so maybe showing them that video is a good idea.
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If you're planning on being in a band with him long term, it's not going to work. After the gig kick him and find someone else.
put him on the naughty step

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I'd get some speakers and play the original softer than how you guys play it. Have him first just listen with you guys then play along. Tell him that if you can can't hear the music he's too loud. Once he's down, play with your instruments and bring him up in volume as needed.
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steal his drums, steal his girlfriend, steal his car, and tell him to go away. also, learn a better song, like Hangar 18 or Peace Sells.
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I thought this was going to be a drummer jokes thread.
I am disappoint.
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Well, last drummer we had that problem with was resolved like this -

"Hey - don't be so heavy handed - you need to be able to play with dynamics - smashing the drums all the time just muddies the sound."

To which the drummer replied - "You don't even know what you're talking about."

I then turned my amp up, flooded it with gain, and played 16th notes on my low B for a while. When I stopped, he asked what the hell that was supposed to be. I told him that's what he was doing, only I was doing it on guitar, and his sounded equally shit. He quit the band.

On second thought, that might not be the best way to go about it, but the drummer was a complete asshole anyway.
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Throw the singer's mic at him, failing that throw a bass, if that doesn't work throw a guitar, and if that doesn't work piss on him.

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What you really need, is a new louder amp.

forget my other answer, this. you might actually need a 6505+ half stack, instead of just a 6505+ combo. and also buy/hit the drummer with a potted plant.
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Be a dick. It'll be worth it.
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don't tell him to play softer, it won't work. I told the drummer of my ex-band once, and he said: i can't do that. so we all turned up our amps to 10.
that's what you should do, turn up you amp till it becomes annoying for your drummerdude. or tell him to GTFO
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Replace his drum sticks with Twizzlers.
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Replace his drum sticks with Twizzlers.

He doesn't deserve a delicious treat! He needs to be taught a lesson! So replace his drum sticks with Red Vines.
God I', having the exact opposite problem! I lent theese guys on campus my drum kit for a gig, and asked if I could play on one of the songs. Anyway they insist on playing so quietly I can't hear them over the drums, and to make things worse they didm't bother showing me where all the qeues are, so they'll quit playing and I'll keep going without realizing it. Any suggestions?

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You can only dampen the sound so much, and honestly you probably be still unhappy even if he or ANYONE else did dampen the volume. As a GUITARIST myself, you guys need to adjust the volume to percussion, period. Its ridiculous to think otherwise. To me you guys failed, not him.
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